Uline Arena

Location:Washington, D.C.
Client: Douglas Development Corporation
Project description: This 2.5-acre site was occupied by two of Washington, D.C.'s historic buildings: The Uline Arena building, home to the first live Beatles performance in the United States in 1964, and the Icehouse Building, a significant masonry building originally used to create the ice for skating and ice hockey events at the Uline Arena.

This new mixed-use redevelopment, known as Uline Arena, has over 70,000 SF of retail space, 180,000 SF of office space, andmore than 167 parking spaces on a new above-ground parking structure. It features a new interior courtyard, designed to provide abundant natural sunlight for the office space and to create a calming urban respite for office employees.

The Coliseum revitalized this culturally and architecturally significant site and infilled the existing neighborhood streetscape with exciting, lively urban activity.

Size: 2.5 acres, 180,000 sf office space, 70,000 sf retail, 167 parking spaces

Services: Architecture, Adaptive-Reuse

Awards: 2016 CREBA Project of the Year, 2017 Presidential Citation - Urban Catalyst Award for the Washington DC Chapter AIA, 2019 District of Columbia Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation

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