Antunovich Associates DC Office

Location:Washington, D.C.
Project description: Antunovich Associates’ new home in the District of Columbia is laid out in an L-shape, creating two distinct activity zones: The more of the social and public areas of the office in the shorter leg of the L, and the studio in the longer leg of the L. Dividing these zones are the large conference room and the reception desk area.

A front “living room” opens onto Third Street, connecting activity within the office to the pedestrian experience outside, and large windows on the west side of the room allow ample natural light into the office and views of the courtyard one floor below.

The north end of the studio space is bound by a large print room and a mid-sized conference room, while the south end provides a variety of settings for calls and meetings, including a small conference room. Additionally, the material library offers ample storage space as well as countertop space for display and discussion. A restrained palette of light wood tones and black accent walls compliments the exposed mechanical systems and polished concrete floors for an overall look that is both industrial in style and warm in feeling.

Photos: Ken Wyner Photography

Services: Architecture, Interior Design, Procurement

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